About Us

Daisy Moe is an ecommerce company which provides great quality stationery and online shopping experience in Myanmar. All products at Daisy Moe have been carefully selected to meet our high quality of standard. We started Daisy Moe because of our love of premium quality pencils.The excellent feedback from our customers drive us further to offering high quality products ranging from pencils, notebooks, and stationery for corporate offices and schools.

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High Quality

Daisy Moe stands for high quality products. All our products are made of premium grade materials

Best Service

Behind Daisy Moe, there are strong team of technical engineers and customer service team whom believe in providing the best service for you 

Fast Delivery

Daisy Moe strives to deliver the purchased products to your door as soon as possible. That's why it only works with the best third-party couriers to provide the fast delivery service